How to do a PricePledge

What is this? Click here to find out. Here I will teach you how to do a PricePledge if you are flying with Royal Brunei Airlines or with AirAsia. If you understand the concept, you can apply it to any other airlines.

Let's pretend I want to book a flight to Hong Kong departing on the 1st of July 2016 and returning on the 5th of July. As of this, let's do everything via a computer (not tablets or iPads or mobile phones).

1. Go to your DREAMTrips website and Log In. Then click on "Book Other Travel". Fill in the flight details, then click search.

2. Look for the departure and return flight, but before you click "Select Departure" or "Select Return", click on the "Flight Details" link and take note of the class. In this case it's "ECONOMY (U)/Coach". Once you've selected, check out and fill all the necessary details. Take note of the price. An email will be sent to you of the confirmation. The Trip Reference Number or Trip ID will also be in that email.

3. Go to "" and pretend to book the same flight. You will see a page similar to this:

Click on "RB Saver" blue link on the right and another page will appear as below. Take a screenshot of this page.

The Rovia booking we've made is a booking class "U", which as you can see is an "RB VALUE" booking class. Therefore, you an only compare the Rovia price with this "RB VALUE" price. Close it after the screenshot. Click the "RB VALUE" from the previous page, scroll down a bit and click on "Booking details" and take another screenshot. Now you have two screenshots saved.

Click the "Close" button and click "Continue". Unfortunately you will have to fill all your details to continue to the next few pages. When you've reached the "Insurance" page, click "I do not wish to purchase travel insurance". 

Once you've reached the payment page, click one of the payment cards and take a screenshot of it.

Now you have three screenshots to prove to Rovia.

4. Go to the Rovia PricePledge website: "" and sign in.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit Your Request Here"

Fill in the form as required. Take note of below:

  • "What country do you reside in?" Just put Singapore, to be safe.
  • "Member ID" is the number ID they gave you in your email when you first registered DREAMTrips.

The rest is pretty much self-explanatory. Upload the screenshots, and that's basically it! Good Luck!

Note: If the "RB SAVER" price is still cheaper than Rovia's price minus the 150% refund, then better buy it off RB's website.

PricePledge for AirAsia

Let's pretend that we want to book a return flight from BWN to KUL using AirAsia. Do the first few steps as described above. Never forget to log in.

If you check out the flight details, the class will show as ECONOMY (Z)/Coach

Once you have booked your ticket via your booking site, go to "" and pretend to book the same flight. There is an option in the site to show the currency in USD. Use this option.

Select the exact flights, and click continue. You will be taken into the "Guest details" page. Unfortunately you will have to fill in this bit as if you are actually buying it so that you can continue to the next page. Once filled, click "Continue".

You will now be in the "Add-ons" page. Click "No, thanks" to the baggage, and make sure you click for both departing and returning flights

Scroll to the bottom, you'll see the insurance option. Click "No thanks, I would like to proceed without Travel Insurance by AirAsia". Then click "Continue".

There will be a second "Add-ons" page, just click "Continue". You will now be on the the "Review and pay" page. The price details are on the right side of the screen. Click "Fare, taxes, fees" for both depart and return flights to show their details. Scroll down and take a screenshot as below. Make sure you can include the "Purchase" button. If possible, don't include the card processing fee.

Once, that's done, scroll up and click on the "Fare rules" link or click here. Take a screenshot of that page.

Then on the right side under "Related Links", click "Fare type", or click here. Take a screenshot of this page too.

Now you have all the proof you need to send to Rovia. Go to the PricePledge form and fill as before, the only difference is you enter "N/A" under "Fare Basis Code".

Good Luck!