Welcome to WorldVentures! This page is designed to get you started right. Please go through this page step by step. At the end of the day, please let the person who led you here know how far you've gone through this page. I hope you'll find this useful, but there is no substitute for our amazing live events. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is NOT the type of investment where you put in money and "hope" it will "magically" grow. This is a business. Success in this business is highly dependant on your own effort. You do this business for yourself, BUT NOT BY YOURSELF.


i. Guard Your Mindset

First of all, let's guard your mindset, and introduce to you our phenomenal International Director of Training, Marc Accetta. He is one of the reasons we love this company so much.

Hopefully, after watching this video, you will now know who you should or shouldn't listen to.


ii. How We Get Paid (You may skip this)

A lot of people are new to this type of business. There are many Network Marketing companies out there, but one thing I truly believe how WorldVentures outshines the rest is it's compensation plan. Let's introduce you to the person who started this amazing platform in Asia, James Lee. If you really understand how this works, you'll definitely know that this truly is your last rodeo.

This is not critically important, so you may skip this for now and go to part 3. Basically, the more people you enroll, the more money you make, just like in any business. Click here to learn in detail how we get paid.


iii. Preparing for Action

If you haven't done so, let's go public! Take a picture of yourself with the banner and post it on Instagram and Facebook with the caption:

I've got my sign!
#ysbh #lakastahbelayar #wvratpackbn

Once you've done that, you've made your friends curious. However, please watch the video on social media after this part.


iv. Social Media

Social media is undeniably part of our life now. If you don't have any social media accounts, you better start one. Please watch this video to ensure the best results out of social media.

Please subscribe to these social media channels which are officially from WV:

  1. WorldVentures on Facebook
  2. WorldVentures on Twitter
  3. WorldVentures on YouTube

For more in-depths details on Social Media Do's and Don'ts, watch this playlist for videos from Marc Accetta. Click here for the playlist.


Getting into Action with the System (iSEE)

This next video is the core of your business. Follow the system and you will have the result the system expects you to get. Have you ever wondered why all the McDonald's burgers taste the same all around the world when the "chefs" are just teenagers? That's because they follow the exact same system the company tells them to follow, hence the result is the same burger all around the world. Similarly, follow this success system and you will have the exact same success as all the top income earners.

After watching this video, you'll be pretty much set on what to do next. If you haven't got the Getting Started Pad, you can it downloaded here. Download the pad and go through the videos. The QuickCoach videos are available in your DreamTrips App:

Go to DreamTrips App in your phone
click “More”
click “Rep Tools”

You can also access the training videos from YouTube here.


Part of the iSEE system is Educate. Below are educational resources available for you. Enjoy!

1. What's your color?

In this business, knowing your personality is very important. In WV, we've been taught that there are 4 colors of personality. Let us know what's yours!

To watch the full video of the personality test, look for Living in Full Colors below.

2. Live Events

Nothing beats our live events. When I first started, I thought I didn't need to attend events, but after my buddy forced me, I went, and since then I have never missed any of it! The events are phenomenal, thanks to our International Director of Training, Marc Accetta.

At first, I thought it's the contents of the events which are the reasons we need to attend them, but it turns out that it's the aura for being there that makes magic. You just need to be there to experience it. You might be in WorldVentures, but when you attend these events, WorldVentures will flow through your veins!

Our major events are:

  1. Momentum
  2. Bootcamp
  3. A View from the Edge
  4. Journey
  5. United

We also have Regional Training Events where you will learn from highly successful representatives at your local area. These RTEs, although are minor events, are highly recommended.

Book the upcoming events from here now!

Here's a video of A View from the Edge

3. Become a Professional

Why do we need to become a professional? Please watch this video by Matt Morris.

As you can see, this is something worth getting good at. If there is one book that can help you become successful in anything you do, especially in WorldVentures, it's a book from Matt Morris "7 Secrets to 7 Figures." You can download it here:

  • Get the eBook here
  • Get the AudioBook here

We have tools provided by WorldVentures to help you become a professional in your business.

  1. WorldVentures Acceleration CDs ($99): These 8 CDs converted into mp3's are almost all you need to succeed. In the early days of WV, Marc Accetta made training sessions called Acceleration. This has exploded the success of WV. Those trainings now live in these CDs. These are perfect for traffic jams. Warning: You will not stop running if you listen while you jog.
  2. Living in Full Color DVD ($29.95): Marc Accetta believes that people buy from you because they like you and they trust you. In order for that to happen, you need to interact with them in accordance to their personalities. This DVD will help you do that. Here, he will teach you the different personalities in a super fun way. He is simply phenomenal!
  3. WV Advantage ($20/month): These are powerful clippings from major live events. If you want to subscribe properly, go to your pack office and look for it, but if you want it free, download from here. There are also bonus training videos from Marc Accetta. WV's Voyager magazines are also in here. The magazines contain success stories for you to use to relate to you prospect. The audios are also perfect for traffic jams.

As you can see, they're not free, but we have them for you to download for free. Yes, you're welcome. We also have other tools which we have compiled. It is all here.

There are also channels on YouTube which we recommend you to subscribe which can help you build your network marketing business.


Respect our Core Values

We truly love this company so much that we really believe that we need to protect this. Please take some time to learn our Core Values.

That's all for now. I hope you are as committed as we are in this journey. Let's go IMD!