Welcome to DREAMTrips! Our travel club has won so many accolades including the World's Leading Travel Club by WorldTravelAwards.com. This page is designed to help you share this amazing club with you friends quicker, if you want to, so that you can earn more DREAMTrips Points as well as waiving your monthly fees.

If you haven't done so, take a picture with your banner now (even in your room) and post it on social media. Caption it:

I've got my sign!

To learn about DREAMTrips itself, click here. You'll learn about the website, Rovia PricePledge etc from this link.


1. The easiest (and slowest) way to share

Simply go on a trip and have fun, take pictures while you're on it with our banner and post it online. Don't forget to hashtag "#ysbh"! If someone asks you about the banner, invite them for coffee and bring one of our experts with you to see them. Let the expert do the talking while you sit back and relax. As simple as that!


2. The fastest way to earn DreamTrips Points

Also the fastest way to stop paying your monthly fees, is to INVITE your friends. Please watch this playlist to prepare yourself before you start inviting anyone.

Now that you know how to invite, let's make a name list! Watch this video on how to create one:

Now that you have a name list, and also some techniques on how to invite, start inviting!